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Visitor Management Software (VMS) - Lobby Track


Lobby Track is the world's leadting visitor management and tracking system, allowing organizations to register, badge and track visitors at their facilities. Centralized management, networked data-sharing and reporitng make it easy to deploy accross multiple stations and locations.

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Allow visitors to self-register and check in and out at unattended kiosks. The open data architecture allows easy integration with existing access control systems, HR databases and Active Directory. ........  

Complete  Tracking Solution

- Track visitors or any group of people
- Pre-register visitors online
- Customizable self-registratoin kiosk mode with photo capture, NDA and other optional steps
- Check against local watch list or perform online background check
- Print expiring paper badge or plastic ID cards
- Add to access control system
- Check in or out by swiping magstripe or scanning barcode
- Lookup records by entering personal information and print replacement cards
- View or print emergency evacuation reports
- Create detailed logs, reports and charts.

The Lobby Track Advantage

Configurable Visitor Database
Select one of the pre-configured visitor database or easily connect to your existing database. Define database fields that pertain to your situation. Layout fields using drag-and-drop tools, create drop-down lists, set default values and auto format data. Import receids from Excel, CSV files or other databases.

Fast Registration
Use attended registration stations or allow visitors to self-register at kiosks. Import data instantly through your online registration system or use Lobby Track Online Registration to allow employes to pre-register their visitors. Scan visitor information from a driver's license or business card. Initalize default valies. Automatically notify host when visitor arrives. Check for duplicate records automatically.

Issue Professional Visitor Badges
Design professional ID cards and visitor badges using an integrated version of Jolly's card design suite: ID Flow. Chose from 20+ barcode types. Encode magnetic stripes. Print badges automatically after registration. Set rules to prevent duplicate badge printing.

Access Control Integration
Automatically add visitor to your access control system. Issue access control badges or self-expiring time badges. Open turnstiles or other door controls. Encode smart cards and RFID.

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