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Time and Attendance Software - Time Track



Time Track makes it easy for you to keep of your employess, record their hours and manage access to your facility. Register employees and contractors. Capture their photo, fingerprint and signature. Design and print plastic ID Cards to issue temporary paper badges using the included industry-leading IF Flow badge design software. Check in and out and record attendance using networked check in stations or mobile handheld scanners.

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See the employee's record for verification. Secure network data-sharing and reporting allows for centralized management of the software. Seamless integration with existing systems across multiple locations. ........


Complete Tracking Solution

- Record time and attendance for employees and contractors
- Issue plastic photo ID cards
- Issue one-day badges for lost and forgotten ID cards
- Search records fast with definable lookup fields
- Set access polices by employee type, time and location
- Check in using barcode, magnetic stripe or contactless technology
- Display cardholder record during check in
- Require a signature during check in
- Audible and visual notifications when access is denied
- View and print detailed reports showing hours worked
- Print evacuatin reports
- Integrate with existing systems
- Check in using mobile handheld scanners

The Time Track Advantage

Configurable Database
Select one of the pre-configured visitor database or easily connect to your existing database. Define database fields that pertain to your situation. Layout fields using drag-and-drop tools, create drop-down lists, set default values and auto format data. Import receids from Excel, CSV files or other databases.

Fast Registration
The step-by-step registration process is easy for anyone to understand. Enter data and capture photos, signatures and fingerprints. Check for duplocate records automatically.

Issue Professional Visitor Badges
Design professional ID cards and visitor badges using an integrated version of Jolly's card design suite: ID Flow. Chose from 20+ barcode types. Encode magnetic stripes. Print badges automatically after registration. Set rules to prevent duplicate badge printing.

Track Entry and Exit
Use the check-in and check-out funtions or kiosk scan stations to record each time a cardholder enters or exits the area. Scan a barcode, magnetic stripe or contactless card. Set access policy by date, time, location, employee type, or expiry date. Capture additional information during check in, such as which project a person is working on. View and print usage reports. Scan cardholders remotely and verify identity using Scan Station Mobile.

Detailed Reports
See detail time and attendance reports that pair each employee's entry and exit and calculate the employee's time over any date ranfe. Export the time and attendance report so that it can be imported to a payroll system. Charts show trafic patterns for understanding activity by hour, day or month.

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