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Retractable Badge Reels

Compact and light-weight device that clips onto the wearer's clothing. The wearer can effortlessly pull the badge out to arms length and pass it through the card reader without detaching it from the clothing. The holder will maintain a gentle pull until the badge is back in place.


Round Reinforced Reels - LX#YOYO
Round reinforced reels are the most popular type of badge reels.

The round badge reel comes with a slide-type belt clip for easy fastening onto wearer’s clothing. The reinforced vinyl strap is made from opaque fiber reinforced vinyl and are stronger than regular vinyl strap. This enhance the life of the reel and prolongs wear and tear.

The round reinforces reel series is available in a variety of solid and translucent colors.

Recess: 20mm diameter.



Square Reinforced Reels - LX#YOYO-SQ
Square reinforced reels has all the characteristics of Round Reinforced Reels but differ in shape.
Recess: 21mm x 21mm




Anti-Twist Badge Reels - LX#AT-YOYO
Anti-Twist Badge Reels has an additional catch that locks into place thus preventing the ID cards from twisting or facing the wrong direction.

Recess: 25mm diameter



Chrome Reels Series
Chrome reels series are provides a more premium look for your IDentification badges.

Item: LX#CPR25
Reel Size: 30mm diameter Chrome Pull Reel
Recess: 25mm diameter

Item: LX#CCPR15
Reel Size: 25mm diameter Chrome Pull Reel with C-hook
Recess: 15mm diameter



Sports / Ski Reel Series
Sport / Ski Reels are suitable for employees on the move.
It is light, durable and secure.

LX#SKP-Clip is fixed with a clip lock.

LX#SKP-Flex is fixed with a flexible lock.



Carabineer Retract Reel Series
Carabineer retract reels are perfect for a quick-paced work environment. It has a press release latch which is very convenient for securing to clothing or keychain.The carabineer retract reels are available in a variety of solid and translucent colors.

Item: LX#CRO-
Oval shaped carabineer retract reels
Recess: 40mm x 25mm

Item: LX#CRR-
Round shaped carabineer retract reels with anti-twist feature.
Recess: 19mm diameter

LX#CROval - LX#CRRound


Silver Trim Reel Series
Silver trim reels provides a more prestigious look compared to the conventional pull reel. It is finished with a clear vinyl strap and a swivel spring clip.

The silver trim reels are available in a variety of solid and translucent colors.

Recess: 19mm diameter



Awareness Retractable Reels - LX#HeartReel
Awareness Retractable Reels are heart-shaped badge reels that may be used to create awareness of any campaigns.

May be customised with logo and awareness ribbons (breast cancer awareness, etc.) to show support to the cause.

With rotatable clip attachment, it may be used on most types of clothings / uniforms.






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