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Other Punchers

ID Punchers Available: Slot Punchers, Industrial Slot Punchers, Corner Rounder, Photo Cutters, Eyelet Punchers, Euro Punch etc..




Item No: LX#EuroPunch

Euro slot punches a standard retail fitting slot.

Desktop Euro Slot punch with adjustable punching margine: 10mm ~ 15.2mm

Punching Capacity:
1) 1.8mm cardboard
2) 1.5mm soft PVC
3) 1.0mm hard PVC




Item No: LX#EyeletPunch

The Eyelet Puncher will punch the hole; then set the eyelet.

All metal construction lightweight desktop eyeletter.
Ideal as a desktop punch for binding screws.

Punching capacity of 20sheets of 80gsm paper.

Has adjustable punching margin and side guide ruler. Eyelet size: 4.8mm diameter and 4.6mm length





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