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Metal Sticker Name Frames

Metal Name Frames are prestigeous yet convenient and economical alternative to your name tags.

Simply stick-on a printed gell sticker onto these Metal Name Frames and when changes in staff are made, simply remove the gel sticker and replace with a new one.

This saves cost of purchasing new name tags.

Available in Gold and Chrome.

Sizes Available (Recess):
- 51mm x 12mm (small)
- 64mm x 19mm (medium)
- 71mm x 25mm (large)
- 60mm x 29mm (oval)
- 18mm diameter (Tie pins & Lapel pins)



Other Name Tags Available: Customised Plastic Name Tags, Economical Plastic Name Tags, Interchangeable Name Tags, Premium Conference Name Tags, Metal Name Frames, Metal Lapel Attachments, Acrylic Tags, Customised Printed Key Tags, Plastic Signs / Name Plates.


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