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Magnetic Bar Attachments

Laminex-ID offers a wide range of magnetic bar attachments to choose from.

Magnetic bar attachments are commonly used with badge and name tags to prevent damages to expensive or delicate clothings caused when using ordinary clip or pin. Made with round "rare-earth" magnets and steel plate with pressure-sensitive foan tape mounting plate.

Other clips available: Metal Badge Clips; Plastic Badge Clips; Suction Cup Clips; Self-Adhesive Clips; Findings Clips; Magnetic Bar Attachments; Magnetic Document Holders.

LXM4512 - Magnetic Bar

Item No: LX#M4512

Steel Magnetic Bar

Dimensions: 44.5mm x 12.5mm

 LXPM4512 - Magnetic Bar

Item No: LX#PM4512

Plastic-Coated Steel Magnetic Bar

Dimensions: 44.5mm x 12.5mm

LXPM3312 - Magnetic Bar

Item No: LX#PM3312

Plastic-Coated Steel Magnetic Bar

Dimensions: 33mm x 12mm

LXM17 - Magnetic Bar

Item No: LX#M17

Round Steel Magnetic Button

Dimensions: 17mm diameter.




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