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ID Card Printing Service

Laminex-ID supplies high quality identification cards that are tamper proof, fade proof, durable and accurate, deliver on time at very competitive prices.

Equipped with the latest technology, Laminex-ID has been specifically established to cater for any business where the cost to buy your own ID equipment (such as card printer) is not warranted, yet you must or should have personal identification of your employees, visitors or temporary staff. 

Our Polysilicon cards have a life of 5 years under normal usage.Cards can incorporate standard reading technologies - barcode, magstripe, contactless chip (EM / Mifare / HID) etc.

Card Printing Bureau Service


Laminex-ID card printing process is very friendly. 

First you can Take A Photo of your staff or let Laminex-ID Professional take the photos for you. You can then email or post mail the photos to us and our team of experts will produce your cards and you will receive them ready for use!

Laminex-ID can produce not only ISO standard CR80 (credit card) size but other smaller and over-sized cards.

Sizes Available:

1. 25mm x 76mm
2. 44mm x 88mm
3. 54mm x 86mm (ISO CR80)
4. 65mm x 95mm
5. 75mm x 110mm
6. 95mm x 140mm






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