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KNS100 Kocking Sensor for PeepHole Viewer PHV1330

The Peep Hole Viewer uses an LCD panel to display who is at your door.
It turns a hard to see Peep Hole image into a big bright image.

Brinno PeepHole Viewer Available:
PHV1325 - Entry; PHV1330 - Advance; Motion Activated Sensor; Knocking Sensor


What is Knocking Sensor?

Brinno Knocking Sensor (KNS100) is an extension accessory for PeepHole Viewer (PHV1330), it allows PHV1330 records images when a visitor knocks on your door. So even if you are not at home, you will know who knocked on your door.

When Knocking Sensor(KNS100) detects the vibration from your door, it will wake up PeepHole Viewer (PHV1330) to record images. So even if you are not at home, you will know who ever came to your home!





  Install Knocking Sensor(KNS100) into extension port on PeepHole Viewer (PHV1330).








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