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ISO CR-80 PVC Card

Laminex-ID delivers high quality PVC cards. 

ISO Standard Plastic (PVC) CR-80 Cards ensures high quality printouts and well-defined barcodes.
The cards even and smooth surface enhances the life of your printhead.

Cards can be pre-printed to include your customised design, logo etc.

ISO Standard CR-80 Size: 54mm x 86mm

Other cards available: PVC Cards, MagStrip Cards, RFID Cards and Re-Writable Cards.

ISO CR-80 Blank White PVC Cards

Thickness available: 0.76mm (30mil) and 0.38 (15mil)


Blank White Self-Adhesive PVC Cards

Thickness available: 0.38 (15mil)

Self-Adhesive Plastic (PVC) Cards are used to customise thick clamshell RFID / proximity. Print directly on the the sticky card and adhere onto the proximity cards. In the event where there is a change of employee and you require to reuse the RFID / Proximity card, you can print onto the sticky card and replace the old employee details

 Self-Adhesive Cards

ISO CR-80 Blank Metallic Gold PVC Cards

Thickness available: 0.76mm (30mil)

ISO CR-80 Blank Metallic Silver PVC Cards

Thickness available: 0.76mm (30mil)



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