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Card Printer Cleaning Kits

ID card printers need to be maintained for performance reliability.

Cleaning cards safely and easily remove dirt and othercontaminants from within the printer without costly outside assistance. Every card printer requires specific cleaning products to be used as preventive or corrective maintenance.

Uses: A scheduled maintenance product to prevent card printer and card reader failures; an emergency maintenence product after printing failures.

CR-80 Cleaning Cards

This presaturated disposable cleaning card is designed to clean effectively by removing dirt, magnetic oxides, oils, lotions and other contaminants from all types of concealed magnetic, photo and optic sensors on all types of card printers.

Can be use for cleaning: Card Printers, MagStrip Reader/Writer etc.



Cleaning Swab

The cleaning swab can be used to clean print heads, card path, guides and rollers. Swab stem hold cleaning solution which will safely and effectively remove all contaminants.

Clean the thermal print head of contaminants, the platen roller and interior components.


Saturated Cleaning Wipes

The cleanign wipes is saturated with cleanign solution and designed to clean printer rollers.

Clean the rollers and interior components.



IPSA Cleaning Pen

The cleaning pen is designed to remove ink, dirt and contamination buildup on thermal print heads.

Clean burnt-on debris from thermal print heads.

Extend the life of the print head and maintain a crisp, legible image.





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