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FujiPla Laminating Machines / Laminators

To ensure high quality lamination, only use FujiPla laminating film.

FujiPla Pouch Laminating Machines for Professional Use.

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Holly Series
Stand-by and Motor Off Mode allows Heat and Motor to be automatically switched off after a period of inactivity, saving energy.

View LPD3224 Specifications


Item No: LPD 3224

Max. Laminable Width: 330mm (A3)
Max. Laminable Thickness: 0.8mm
Lamination Speed: 0.53m/min (50Hz)
Number of Rollers: 4
Warm Up Time: Approx. 5 ~ 10 min
Power Consumption: 840W
Power Source: AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 592 x 210 x 123mm
Net Weight: 11.0kg
Other Functions: Reverse Function / Memory Function / Motor Off Mode / Standby Mode / Pre-set Function

Meister Series
High Quality A3W Photo Laminator

Four rollers system (2 Hot Rollers and 2 Pulling Rollers) makes complete adhesion for photos as well as the documents and printed papers with excellent finish and it prevents curling of the film after lamination and gives further flatness to laminating finish.

Both laminating temperature and speed are adjustable, making them possible to laminate almost all sorts of materials, from thin to thick including Photos & ID Cards.

Easy operation and digital display of the setting temperature and speed. Reverse (rotation) switch can cope with troubles (jamming etc.), which may happen.

View LPD3214 Specifications


Item No: LPD 3214

Max. Laminable Width: 340mm (A3W)
Max. Laminable Thickness: 1.0mm
Lamination Speed: 0.30 ~ 1.0m/min (50Hz)
Number of Rollers: 4
Warm Up Time: Approx. 10 min
Power Consumption: 500W
Power Source: AC100-120V / AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 571 x 240 x 126mm
Net Weight: 12.0kg
Other Functions: Reverse Function

Meister6ex Series 
Multi-Function High Quality Laminator for Professionals

Our patented 'external heating roller system' is equipped with advance heat chambers, which embrace heat rollers in order to retain the heat. The consistent and quick heat supply enables speedy, continuous lamination. Heat rollers provide heat and pressure simultaneously, which results in good adhesiveness.

Reverse rotation switch swiftly prevents jamming.

Six rollers system (4 Hot Rollers and 2 Pulling Rollers) is a perfect system for almost all lamination with no curling after lamination.

With the wider range of temperature and speed setting, every different requirement such as faster lamination or better lamination can be met.

With digital operation panel, temperature and speed can be set accurately and easily.

View LPD3212ex Specifications


Item No: LPD 3212ex

Max. Laminable Width: 340mm (A3W)
Max. Laminable Thickness: 1.2mm
Lamination Film Thickness: 80 ~ 250mic
Lamination Speed: 0.40 ~ 1.6m/min (50Hz)
Number of Rollers: 6
Warm Up Time: Approx. 10 ~ 15min
Power Consumption: 990W
Power Source: AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 605 x 280 x 160mm
Net Weight: 17.5kg
Other Functions: Reverse Function, Rear Tray


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