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FujiPla Laminating Pouch & Roll Films

FujiPla laminating pouch and roll films are made with Japanese High Quality and Reliability.

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 FujiPla Pouch Laminating Film FujiPla Pouch Laminating

Pouch film is two films put together and sealed by heat.

Insert the document which you want to laminate in the pouch film and insert it into the machine, and you get a beautiful and durable document quickly and easily.

There is pouch film from card size up to A2 size, according to the object to be laminated.

Moreover different sizes and shapes of pouch film can be made-to-order.

Card Protection Leaf (CP Leaf) is a registered brand.

Available in various size and thickness.
 ujiPla Roll Laminating Film FujiPla Roll Laminating Film

Roll film consists of 2 rolls of film that are laminated together with a roll laminator.

There is a wide variety of rolls up to 1,350mm (54" size).

It is ideal for large sized applications. The lamination of one piece with roll laminator is more cost effective than with pouch laminator.

CP Roll is a registered brand.

Available in various size and thickness.



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