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Findings Clips

Laminex-ID offers a wide range of findings badge clips to choose from.

Finding clips are commonly used to adhere onto the ID badges or name tags. They come without self-adhesive backing.

Can be supplied with adhesive backing - see self-adhesive clips.

Other clips available: Metal Badge Clips; Plastic Badge Clips; Suction Cup Clips; Self-Adhesive Clips; Findings Clips; Magnetic Bar Attachments; Magnetic Document Holders.

LX708 - Finding_Clips

Item No: LX#T708

Plastic clip with pin.

Base Size: 23mm x 14mm


Item No: LX#808

Metal clip with pin.

Base Size: 18mm x 12mm

LX809-Findings Clips

Item No: LX#809

Metal clip with pin.

Base Size: 23mm x 14mm

LX377-Findings Clips

Item No: LX#377

Plastic  with brooch pin.

Base Size: 33mm x 77mm

LXSAL350 - Findings Clips

Item No: LX#SAL350

Plastic bar with safety pin.

Base Size: 15mm x 9mm

LXFH601P - Findings Clips

Item No: LX#FH601P

Rotatable brooch pin.

Base Size: 10mm diameter


Item No: LX#707 + 706-1

Round plastic bar with butterfly pins.

Base Size: 13mm diameter


Item No: LX#707 + 706-2

Plastic bar with 2 butterfly pins.

Base Size: 50mm x 9mm




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