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Customised Button Badge

A truly inexpensive eyecatcher, badge buttons are an ideal way to create awareness of promotions.

Badge buttons can be customised to yourspecifications and may include a ribbon housing.
Available in round, oval, rectangular and square.

Round Badge Button Sizes : S (37mm dia.), M (56mm dia.), L (75mm dia.)
Oval Badge Button Size: 45mm x 65mm
Rectangular Badge Button Size: 70mm x 25mm , 60mm x 40mm.

Customised Button Badges


Button Badge System

To produce your own button badges in-house, our Button Badge System will cater to your every needs.

The Button Badge System comes complete with a button badge maker and a button badge cutter.

Item No: LX#ManualButtonMachine

Sizes Available: S (37mm dia.); M (56mm dia.); L (75mm dia.)

The Slide Type Button Badge Machine:
1. 3 moulds available for multi exchange of different sized of button badge. (37mm, 56mm and 75mm diameter)
2. Endure for long term use.
3. Daily output: 3000pcs per day

 Manual Button Badge System
 Rectangle Button Badge System  

Item No: LX#Rect.ButtonMachine

Sizes Available: 70mm x 25mm ; 60mm x 40mm

The Slide Type Button Badge Machine:
1. Endure for long term use.
2. Daily output: 3000pcs per day




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