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Barcode Readers / Scanners

Item: CS-650
Lightweight, Powerful CCD Scanner

CS-650 CCD scanner employs the mega-pixel high-speed CCD sensor and capable of long-range scan tasks, even if the barcodes are printed in low quality.

CS-650 is a powerful long range barcode scanner is capable of identifying vague or small barcodes. Its outstanding decoding performance and new advanced optical apparatus makes CS-650 an ideal solution for retail, office automation and light industrial applications that require higher reading distances and a bright, well-defined scan line.

- High-speed 2500 pixels CCD sensor
- Interface Support : USB, RS-232, KB

- Button Life Span : 50 million times
Depth Of Field : 2-23 cm
- Scan Speed : 100 scans/sec

Item: TS-5280
Comprehensive Range CCD Scanner

TS-5208 is a high performance with an exquisite gun-shaped design CCD scanner. The lightweight, robust and egromic housing maked it suitable for a wide range of applications such as retail, warehouse, library and etc.

The scanner furnishes fast reading, excellent accuracy and comprehensive ranges on different extent of barcodes. It also offers flexibility and simplicity of the scanner working on varied system by changing the plug-in (wedge, USB, RS-232, and more) cables.

- Comprehensive Range
- RSS-14 decoding capability
- 660 nm visible red LED

- Scan Rate : 100 scans / sec.
- Depth Of Field : 5-39 cm
- Width Of Field: 12 cm
- Interface : RS-232, PS2, USB

Item: Omni-352
Omni Directional Barcode Scanners
Omni hands-free barcode scanners provide first-rate performance with reasonable cost-effective merit.

Its compact size saves valuable counter room and helping operators to carry out transactions with ease.

Omni-352 is capable on performating the same scan jobs as hand-held units, especially for larger and bulky items. The high scan rate engine, powerful decoding ability and plenty of programming parameters ensure scanning barcode as an easy and pleasant job.

- Compact Size
- User-friendly, plug and play
- Cost effective
- 650nm visible laser diode
- Depth of field : 0~219mm
- Scan rate: 1200 lines/sec.
- Interface : RS-232, PS2, USB



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